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Captain Don Lucas was born in 1954 and was brought up in the small town of Madrid N.Y. At an early age, he fished with his father and grandparents learning to Cane Pole fish for Bullhead. At age 10, he trolled for Northern Pike in a row boat. By the time he was in his teens, he fished every day for Walleye and Muskies.

He fished for them on days off from work and for years, averaged 50 plus Muskies a season.

Word got out about his success rate and was constantly being asked about his technique and as with any Muskie purist, shared some, but not all of the secrets to his success. Thus came the idea of being a fishing guide.

After a conversation with a sports writer from the local newspaper, it was clear, this would be done correctly by obtaining a US Coast Guard licence and insurance.

In 1987, he went to the US Coast Guard Station in Erie Pennsylvania and started the process of getting a Masters License. The final test was in Alexandria Bay New York.

With the help of a Small Business Administration, a loan was obtained for the purchase of a 30 foot Charter Boat, and to form the corporation, Muskie Magic Inc.

40 plus years experience fishing the St. Lawrence River are now shared with his guests, not only from New York, but from all over the United States , Canada  and European countries.

Helping a friend who had some physical limitations, Captain Don developed a ramp and special rod and reel to accomodate those who could not hold a rod or crank a reel. A wheel chair ramp was installed on the boat that would make it accessible to all.

Captain Don has a vast knowledge on the development of the St. Lawrence Seaway, Shipping and the Robert Moses Power Dam. He shares this knowledge with his guests, and tells stories from the past about construction and operation of the Seaway and the Dam.

Captain Don feels that their is more to being a Fishing Guide. He say's that along with the fishing, you need to make sure everyone is having fun.

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